Ulrike Bolenz and the power of nudes

Ulrike Bolenz and the power of nudes

BOLENZ_ ICAR - L ENVOL- 2004- 220X200X30 CM

She was born in Germany in 1958 and belongs to the numerous immigrated people who settled in Belgium and have found here the best atmosphere to develop their art creation. An artist being from here or there is in fact “an artist” and there is nothing to discuss about.

Working in a particular line of modern creation, Ulrike Bolenz uses some of the new technical means of today to build up the bases of her works. On synthetic material like Perspex or plastic sheets, she paints classic (at least looking like classic) nudes facing the visitor.

She underlines some details by mean of drawing, true graphical work, or by adding photographic shots, scrapping the surface and doing so she obtains a rather peculiar and personal work. This is a long process you can tell in few words and that looks like ads sometimes or like a resume of the presence of nudes in art history…

She also likes to put wings to her various characters and the agility of man is often present in her panels. This is also a kind of investigation about man facing his destiny in the present world. A world becoming more infinite as the discoveries are going always farer and farer in the space.

Since 1991 in Germany as well as in Belgium, Ulrike Bolenz is facing the evolution of men life versus the technical and science progresses, sometimes dangerous in the genetic research! Anyway she can easily integrate hope in all situations by her own strength translated into her painting.


Galerie Libre Cours,
rue de Stassart 100,
1050 Brussels

From Nov 16 to Dec 16, 2007
Thursday to Saturday from 2:30 to 6:30 pm

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Photo extra !

Je ne connaissais pas Ulrike Bolenz !
Un artiste du coup à connaitre !

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