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It is easy and pleasant in English to make words with other words everybody understands and there is no risk, like in France, to have 40 old Academicians (the language police) rushing after you. This is the reason why, considering the sand and painting works of Berthe Dubail, the gallery is speaking about sandscapes. Two painters also aade this kind of work for a different result, both called Suzanne : Thienpont and Vandamme.
You have to remember, if you followed her exhibitions, that Berthe Dubail was becoming along the years more and more abstract, she adopted a kind of monomial art, but a warm abstraction line with more circles than angles and solid colours but never flashy ones. And the volumes of the forms she represented are in the tender way, never figures of violence or conflict.

Her life was both in-between teaching and painting. In fact, she created a new teaching method regarding the art of painting and all the nowadays “specialist” should have to remember that useful method.

Between teaching and long stays in Paris where she met the painters of La Grande Chaumière, she exhibited in Belgium quite regularly. She was part of 150 Belgian Art at the Royal Fine Arts Museum and was among the painter of the famous Armorial Gallery on the Sablon Place nobody will ever forget.

You have to visit this exceptional exhibition and follow the sandy roads of Berthe Dubail to rediscover her sensibility and sensuality and the serene atmosphere of her world.


Group 2 Gallery,
rue Blanche 8,
1000 Brussels

DU 23/11 au 22/12/2007
from Wednesday to Saturday
from 2 to 6pm

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