When people know you by one single name and forget you have a Christian name too… no way to explain anymore who is who and who does what. The art lover interested in sculpture who hears the name of Eijberg has no problem to remember the creations of this exceptional sculptor. He was trained as a ceramist and became a professional one, a true master. But years passed by, he turned more and more to sculpture. The line dominates every sculpture, no detail, nothing to explain just a suggestion.

Born in the year 1929 he had his first show in 1965 and immediately was recognised as totally mastering his art line. Year after year he simplified the silhouettes and finally reached the exact border line of abstract art but there is always a small point, a detail to suggest the subject he represented and the visitor immediately penetrates his personal world.Numerous women were born in his atelier, they are made of precious wood or stone and look so nicely moving that the total illusion is in their representation. You can also find some representation of maternity that show with tenderness, the movement a mother does to protect her baby. He shows the same tenderness when sculpting animals. All the silhouettes coming out his atelier are “living” and properly far from human daily preoccupations or sorrows.

Awarded many times, this multi talent artist works on wood, stone or hard stone (sometimes in bronze) with the same facility. As he uses to come back at the end of autumn, we can find back the same atmosphere bring light and warm around just before winter. You may not miss the Eijberg exhibition, no way !


Galerie ABC,
rue Lebeau 53,
1000 Brussels

From Oct 24 TO Dec 29, 2007
Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 12:30 am and from 2:30 to 6:30 pm

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