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GHOSTS AND ANGELSThe Museum of Villeneuve d’Ascq (MAM), just over the border in France is since a long time in full adaptation, enlargement and all kinds of pleasant building nuisances. Part of the collection travelled to Japan but slowly, the art works come back home… ad the building problems are still there Thus, part of the collections stopped in Grand Hornu because the two Museums already worked together as good neighbours can do. This is included in a regional program called Interreg.

Some 150 pieces from the MAM collections; namely Modern Art (the Mazurel collection), Outside art (from L’Aracine) and the Contemporary art collection are now along the rails at Grand Hornu. The event corresponds to the celebration of five years existence of this important Museum.

The curator of the exhibition is Laurent Busine, the big chief at Grand Hornu and he like to personalise the exhibitions he organises. So it is more than evident he is totally in the choice of the title but also in the full organisation of the event.

Large and abundant the presentation is in all the rooms of the Museum (4500 sqm.) and as all the rooms are in fact as big as halls this allows more space and a true breath between the subjects at the contrary of some big exhibitions where you lack air and space.

Visitors just enter into the subject by meeting major paintings called “grand art” close to other ones like outside art, on the same wall, in the same light and the same atmosphere. Braque and Modigliani are facing the rude strength of Augustin Lesage and some large, very large unsigned watercolours make a change, a difference, another way to enter into the art world.

A man riding a horse face to face with an original geographical image of France from Annette Messager or a sculpture from Richard Deacon facing a mineral landscape from André Bauchant. This is to resume the spirit of the show. This is to demonstrate that art is now an a unique line, just running in one only track but many technical talent can live together and produce something great and interesting to be seen in this magical place of Grand Hornu. It is one of the best and biggest exhibitions ever initiated by Laurent Busine who really penetrated the fantasy worlds of art where he met ghosts and angels.


Max’s Grand Hornu,
rue Ste Louise 82,
7901 Hornu

FROM Oct 7 to Jan 13, 2008

all days except on Monday from 10am to 6pm
closed on Xmas and New Year

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