Now along the rails, there is homage to Isy III by Isy Gabriel Brachot who is the 4th of the dynasty. This is the story of a whole family that constantly faugh for recognition of Belgian and international art and has a long experience in exhibiting in the best way.

I visited the gallery since the beginning of my critic’s life (that means 1962) and I still remember the huge canvas of Marcel Delmotte. It was under the reign of Isy II at n°62 on Avenue Louise.

Now in 2007, I went back to revisit the long years Isy III was the leader defending modern art since 1967. Situated presently at n° 74, Isy Gabriel, the 4th of the name remains in the traditional job, discovering new comers. But here he wanted to celebrate the constant work of his father and I can say the whole exhibition is pleasant, interesting and an opportunity for young people to discover what was art of yesterday.

First treasure to be re-discovered is a canvas, a small seascape by James Ensor because everybody has forgotten he painted seascapes because the whole suite of his works about society critic was largely celebrated.

There is also a nearly unknown Labisse, a sweet and tender Delvaux; a strange (of course) Max Ernst and the new ones Isy Gabriel discovered namely Alain Bornain changing expression every season, always in search of something different.

Two floors full of records… the way to remember how the gallery helped people to move from Beuys to Bijl, from James Brown to Gnoli, from Opalka to Panamarenko with some great moments around Magritte and mad evening with Joan Marti coming by bicycle on Avenue Louise, dressed in black with red socks.
To remember the modernist options of Christine Brachot and I think she is the one who pushed and pulled to have her son enter into art gallery job.

I also remember all the other people in the technical staff of the gallery like Michel Baudson or Alain Noirhomme and next to them Mr Duchiron who so warmly welcomed everybody.You can find the souvenir of all the artists in the series of catalogues and books the gallery published and all this precious documentation is now safe in the University of Brussels and represents an authentic treasure for the coming generations.

And the gallery story is going on and on with Isy Gabriel now in the move since four years to demonstrate painting is not a dead art and please let ignorant people say so because he already demonstrated the new comers are very important and they will continue to put their painting in the homes of the 21tst century.

Do compare the flower peace of Hoekstra and the world of Max Ernst
The city nightmare of Chirico and the Pyramid seen by Bornain


Galerie Gabriel Brachot,
avenue Louise 74,
1050 Brussels

FROM Nov 15 to Dec 29, 2007
Wednesday to Saturday from 2 to 6 pm

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