Dubuisson 767l

She studied in more ateliers but her first idea was to be a mode designer. From mode modelling to images of the nude there was no long distance and this subject became her first and dominating inspiration line.

Women and only women come out of her brushes and they are seen in various aspects of their life: in a languid state, thinking about life or just laying there waiting for something or nothing but any of them is conscious and has the necessary energy to act quickly if necessary.

Water colour of charcoal are used frequently to realise works in deep and soft colours sometimes with a touch of red colour and on dark or light backgrounds every choice being in line with the idea of the work to realise.Born in Binche (B) in 1935 I met her for the first time in 1957 in late gallery DB&C and I followed her numerous exhibitions since then from Knokke to Lille (F) in a silly named street called rue des Chats Bossus ( the humped cats).

Since some years now she is back to Brussels in rue de la Madeleine where she is going on and on with exhibitions, regularly, never telling twice the same story, never insisting on a pleasant form or subject because she is still looking for new sensations on a unique subject and this results in a quite original and strictly personal line.


Galerie J. Bastien,,
rue de la Madeleine 61,
1000 Brussels

from 20/9 to 4/11/2007
Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 6 pm

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