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I followed various exhibitions of this painter since 1980 but it is at the ArtBrussels art fair that I saw him most regularly. Sincerely engaged in his way of painting, Michel Buylen (Gent 1953) never listened to the false prophets of modes and market tendencies. He always created portraits, nicely painted but accepting all the skin accidents that can appear on the face of the models, he painted the sea when it is quiet at sunset and caught all the light possibilities reflected by the sand in the twilight. Among the portraits, teenagers are often taken just as they ate, at the right moment changes appear in the attitudes and in their faces.

All his painting is built on panels with a solid layer preparing the reflection of colours. Working on gesso and layer by layer he can catch and offer the various hues to the visitor. He also uses pencil to prove the drawing base is absolutely necessary to become a true painter and his drawings include animals and birds, these works are a kind of book describing life without any words and long and boring lectures, just showing animas as they exist in the cycle of life.

Michel Buylen is now a Member of the Royal Academy for Science and Art (in the Flemish section) and this means the Royal Academy is no longer the sweet home of white haired old scholars.This is an exhibition to visit absolutely and in one of the best galleries in this country.


De Zwarte Panter,
Hoogstraat 70-74,
2000 Antwerp

From Sep 16 to Nov 4, 2007
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 1:30 to 6pm

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