Xavier Lust distortions

Xavier Lust distortions

X L CrédenceDP-Hidef

Xavier Lust
"Crédence DP-Hi"

The area of Grand Hornu Images is becoming a kind of European reference as regards design and first of all Belgian design. This is not due only to the collection they own but also through the various and numerous opportunities they offer to see the move of the art fact now growing more and more.

At the same time the MAC’s present “on a tight string” there is a large exhibition of the creations of Xavier Lust (1969) in the North part of the Museum at Grand Hornu Images. First view on the central lawn is a bicycle protection shelter but inside a major exhibition shows all aspects of Lust’s realisations, some being already on the commercial roads, others still confidential. The only thing I do not approve is the way it is exhibited because it has a terrible “one penny shop” aspect.

The main thing to notice in the work of Wavier Lust is the ability to stretch the metal sheets and organise them like a piece of textile, they look just as cloth in the hands of a mode creator. The movement is of great elegance and looking at the famous “archduchaise” the impression is of a nice lady curtseying to you but in the meantime Lust creates benches and table ornaments you can perhaps own some day.

This Belgian designer is considered by Italian specialists (and everybody knows they are the best) as a top class artist. His aim is to realise objects industry will never do, everything most be of top quality and not one of these gadgets you find at the end of a floor display in your super market. This is the best definition of his success in the strictly limited Italian planet of designers and justifies the numerous purchases made by museums and the numerous awards and prizes he owns.

Stichting Kunstboek (Legeweg 165, 8020 Oostkamp) published a nice and well documented book with a good presentation text from Lise Coirier.


Grand Hornu Images,
site du Grand Hornu,
rue Ste Louise 82,
7307 Hornu

from June 24 to Oct 14, 2007
from 10am to 6pm except on Monday.

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