untitled 003,2007,oil on wood,32x24cm

After he spent one year at Chelsea College in London he hopes now to go to New York and discover more and more. But despite the place and the academies he will enter, he is carrying the past with him and the important traces of artistic tradition he is the owner.

Born in Korea in 1969 he is a true continental discoverer not at all related to countries and sites but as regards artistic marks. After complete University courses in Seoul, he came to Düsseldorf to obtain a Master’s and in the meantime was awarded important prices and exhibited choosing carefully the places and the works to show.

He is back to Triangle Bleu with a large series of small size works. Paintings on wood like short looks at the subjects; traps for the visitor who wants to go into the signification of this particular painting. These are pictures easy to discover and understand…just on the surface. Because around the perfect harmony of hues and shades some traces exist coming out of the personal cultural treasures of the artist; signs and signals he is giving across his expressive painting aspect and the visitor has to discover piece by piece.

His roots, his genetic heritage, as one can say, is present all the time in any place he can live and love with a unique strength. The visitor rushing into the show will notice flowers, the sky, a garden or some water. But in the middle of realistic spots the visitor will notice the presence of a mirror that reflects nothing and a true invitation to discover the poetic message.

Some signs appear in a whirl of colours generally sweeten, no pure shapes but sweetest ones. In a kind of low musical background and sometimes the flash spot of aggressive and dangerous (in painting) pink colour that is just there co underline the harmony of painting. The presentation is truly exceptional in a large and luminous space and this means Sung is out of the star system, far from the “tendencies” and exactly in the right line of art…


Triangle Bleu gallery,
Cour de l’Abbaye 5,
4970 Stavelot

From August 1st to October 7, 2007.
Wednesday to Sunday from 2 to 6:30pm

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