Olga de Soto©Alvès

Olga de Soto
© Alvès

These art works are presented as a barriers opposed to the permanent rush in which we live today.

The works seem to be there to stop the time and Laurent Busine really built a solid group show explaining clearly the process. It is a good exhibition to explain contemporary art to the visitor and qt the same time it brings a lot of interesting things to the specialist.

The show starts with filmed movements and attitudes from Olga Soto (1970); films showing slow, very slow movements that seem to happen in a dream, in a kind of floating atmosphere and totally the at the same time.

Then you can discover an important realisation of Luciano Fabro (1936-2007), a clear and powerful interpretation of the struggle for life this master pertaining to the “arte povera” put at the top of his artistic research interrupted by death at the beginning of this exhibition.

Sophie Whetnall (1973) is coming just behind him with another point of our century: violence. Shadow and the noise of shocks take the visitor into the atmosphere of a video tackled with mystery and possible murder in the background.

Then comes Xavier Lust and his “archiduchair”, he exhibits at Grand Hornu Images at the same time. You have then to open a newly installed door to enter the huge room called “bridge-room” and discover the room is totally empty just invaded by the musical touches of Henri Pousseur (1929).

It all has been written as a trip around the world and if you stop listening this experimental music; time elapses and you feel quiet, at least. The last part of the exhibition is for a huge video installation of Sylvie Blocher (1953).

The girl jumping “Lapsus 1” puts the body in full light, totally free to evaluate in the space and acting in sequences following each other on a rhythm that question the visitor. Which one is the first picture, which one is the most important one? No problem, the total work is realised in a complete harmony as is the whole exhibition.


site du Grand Hornu,
rue Ste Louise 82,
7307 Hornu

from June 24 to Oct 14, 2007
from 10am to 6pm except on Monday.

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