Everyday’s Utopia

Everyday’s Utopia

Montserrat Soto islas 1a

Montserrat Soto
islas 1

The exhibition is coming from the Art Centre of La Panera in Lieira (Spain) to celebrate the first birthday of the Centrale Electrique (contemporary European art centre) in Brussels and this is its 5th exhibition.

Under a funny English title a selection of young creators show their works in a rather risky ambient. Belgium is a wealthy country and the capital of art works in various styles is here a rich, very rich one.

So, the photographic work of Jordi Bernado, often playing n the chaotic evolution of urban architecture can make you think to the Lennep’s works exhibited in the Brachot gallery in the years eighties.

The twin’s work of Cabello-Carceler is a Spanish cousin of our two photographers: Felten and Massinger, etc. It is true that being a completely original newcomer is quite impossible here and in general in the whole artistic planet as so many pictures are seen everyday all over the places and from so many sources.

This bunch of young artists from the South have the same universal thoughts as we have despite the way they express them in light or dark works exploring the days of happiness or their sorrow about to-morrow.

Here are some examples to note like the Islands of Montserrat Soto or the way to discover the human body from Eulalià Valkosera. She produced a fading image that shows another dimension of the space around, a kind of key to eternity.

Every small thing is a discovery in this group exhibition in which the “pool” of Alberto Peral is showing an image of the inquisitor asking you questions you cannot answer about human being, solitude and lack of communication in a world ^pretending to communicate despite the fact nobody is not speaking anymore to everybody.

An exhibition totally involved in our century and offered here in a clear and simple way.

(Manager Gloria Picazo, Manager of the Art Centre of La Panera)


La Centrale Electrique,
Place Ste Catherine 44,
1000 Brussels

From July 17 to September 23, 2007
from Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 6 pm.

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