Teo Dascalakis

Teo Dascalakis


He was born in Germany in 1968, studied in the Art Schools of München and lived in Berlin but came back to Greece in 1998 This is a very important part of his life because he lived during all his childhood with all the German tradition around and read a lot of the famous German fairy tales. This had a major influence on him when he was back to Greece and this experience interfers in the realisation of his works.

After some exhibition in Germany from 1990, he has now exhibitions in Greece presenting canvas that contain all the German influence added to elements of his new life in Greece.

What is important to me is the presence of men. Each canvas contains a human being man or woman but these are not isolated. There are animals and a lot of fantasy around and animals are mostly significant in this case as ass or a small pink pig which suggests the engravings of Felicien Rops. But Dascalakis has not the eager fantasy of Rops. In fact the painter travels into the hart and the imagination of the models; he produces moving representations, pictures floating in the air like in a dream and develops a kind of investigation into the personality of the people he represents.

This kind of painting is not at all in the normal line we know, not in line with the recent exhibitions we ha seen or the story as we learned it or as we heard it told along the years. You have to discover this original painter who brings new emotions in the art world in Brussels.


Galerie Libre Cours,
rue de Stassart 100,
1050 Brussels
phone 0473 590 285

From June 8 to July 7, 2007
Thursday to Saturday from 2:30 to 6:30 pm

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