Elena San José

Elena San José

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Watercolour painting has been exhibited too often as something on line with classical flower painting, interior scenes and not at all as a different and complete technical mean, just something good for decoration and pleasant pictures. In Belgium we have some good watercolour artists working in the abstract art line but they are not enough to escape to the general impression of watercolour=classical, or watercolour= romantic art. So, it is a must to underline that a landscape artist continues the tradition but in a new and free style.

Born in Catalonia and living in Belgium since a long time, Elena San José often goes back to her native place but she also travels and brings back records, no traditional ones at all. She offers a view of some place just like a photographer taking a snapshot.

She literally takes the immediate impression left by a place, a building or a surviving ruined abbey. When she looks at the famous southern balconies, there is nobody in the picture, windows are closed and all the mystery is kept inside the houses. Passing by an old Monastery she reminds the past and the low noise of prayers or hymns inside the historical walls.

Berlin a

There is also a lot of emotion into some old church still existing in the centre of Berlin, a church with war traces on all the walls: just to remember the black days of war. Sometimes it is a church tower standing in the waters of a dam, a tower still containing a bell that sometimes rings at night and gives birth to legends.

Elena San José has an instant perception of the subject and grasps the view of the landscape so that people can situate the country or the place. She does not need more than a roof with chimneys or the details of a front wall to start a watercolour painting in the quickest way. Quick does not mean without art because to do it a long practice is essential. Speed painting and spontaneous emotion result from an important technical background and this only allows a result like the one she presents now.


“la Petite Galerie”,
rue de Livourne 1a,
1060 Brussels
phone 02 537 67 50

From June 6 to July 1, 2007
Tuesday to Saturday from 2:30 to 6:30pm
Sunday from 11am to 1 pm

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