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We have so many artists in Belgium that the danger is to forget some of them along the road and especially when organising historical and, let us say, panorama exhibitions. Some day people will re-discover their name and work and some of you will remember.

Paul Schrobiltgen was the kind of artist full of modesty. He was born in Arlon in 1923 and started as an industrial drawer. He then came to Brussels and followed the lessons of the Royal Art School, the famous school in the rue du Midi where most of our artists came from at the time.

As from the fifties, the painter discovered the new painting lines from France and he worked in a print shop. Numerous painters did this kind of job and discovered doing so a lot of possibilities about colour.

Through numerous travels and exhibitions, Paul Schrobiltgen discovered his own way, working always deeper and deeper into the colour hues and shades. He developed the paintings on cardboard slowly but with a great determination.

He entered the Armorial Gallery in 1973, it was the place to be at the time, he went further and further in the representation of volumes in his paintings. A series of oils on cardboard and some rare oils on canvas are on show here and the whole exhibition is like visual poetry with some musical background. It is a quiet vision of the world, something expressed in full colour never in flashy ones, it is soft and tender but do not show any weakness. It is like a long pictorial song death interrupted in 1980. He was only 57 and we shall never know what he had in mind about the next coming works.


Group 2 Gallery,
rue Blanche 8,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 536 23 09

From March 16 to April 29; 2007
Wednesday to Saturday from 2 to 6pm

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