This is an unexpected duo of artists because Julia Jedwab uses engraving and pastel based on sophisticated techniques and André Soupart is a photographer and a teacher. He gives lessons about the philosophy of the photography at the IHECS. In one work; she is in front of the sheet of paper; he looks through a camera… Never mind the present exhibition seems to have been made slowly in the same atelier and this is false.

It is not surprising that two artists who never met create something on the same subject, at the same time. It is in the air people say.

It is evident that the present general atmosphere of wars and violence and natural disasters is leading people to think about and bring a lot of artists to the way of meditation and evaluation of the true life bases.

Both artists here looked back to the landscape, the world around us just to discover the hidden face of it. For Soupart Eden is perhaps in some place in Brittany, clichés are often taken from down (to better look at the top?). The environment resumes in silence but there is no picture of an Abbey or other religious place, it is just a place for meditation.

Julia Jedwab creates an original landscape, something like the horizon line along the coast and she creates it in one only line something really suspended in the air. The way of drawing her impression is no material execution of a sketch it is between poetry and reality both revealed and dreamed over. This is an exhibition out of the normal way we can discover in galleries, something new and unknown, in one word, the vision of a world that does not exist and do exist at the same time, an exhibition you may not mss.


Galerie ABC,
rue Lebeau 53,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 511 32 53

from march 21 to April 28; 2007
Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 12:30 am and from 2:30 to 6:30 pm.

© Luc Schrobiltgen for Julia Jedwab

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