He is not really the champion of exhibitions because we have seen him rarely along the rails since he is in Belgium.

Born in Greece in 1956 he settled in Belgium at 20, took the lessons of the Brussels Art School and entered at the Boitsfort Art School in 1985 as a teacher and is still there in 2007 and as I said, in the meantime he exhibited only five times.

He is an engraver but also a pastellist and his favourite subject is the man. He was part of more Parcours d’artistes in Saint-Gilles as well at the Foundation for Contemporary Belgian Art.. He generally observed and studies the man to describe his way of living and this was generally a bit hard but in 2005 he turned over to the family life: a man; a woman and one or more children. This was suddenly a kind of tenderness coming in his works.

He illustrated he recent book of tales called “Despair Tales” by Soti Triantafillou with some black and white drawings and all the works presented in the exhibition seem to be in search of the famous variations of black which were a subject more plastic artists tried to investigate. Christos Vouyoukis observed and draws clearly all the possibilities of the matter.

In a new gallery opened just in front of the Strip Museum, the exhibition is to visit as soon as possible.

Art Base,
rue des Sables 29,
1000 Brussels

From March 16 to April 21, 2007
from Wednesday to Saturday from 1 to 6 pm
(Just in front of the Strip Museum)

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