BAM a brand new museum

BAM a brand new museum

LIntrouvable de Marcel Mariën
="L'Introuvable de Marcel Mariën"

Surrealism in Belgium (1924-2000) is a long story, an artistic movement that developed in the Province of Hainaut and in Brussels at the same time. It is completely different from the Paris surrealist movement and this Belgian story was the thesis defended by Xavier Canonne to become a Doctor in art history. He presented this in the Sorbone in Paris under survey of Prof. Philippe Dagen in the year 2002 and was published by Fonds Mercator last year.

Bam is the new name (created by Ex-Nihilo) of the Museum of Arts in Mons, a name that takes place among the actual and very active art museums like Muhka, Smak, Mamac, PMMK, BPS 22, MAC’s and others…

The building had a true lifting; in fact it was completely re-built by architect Christian Menu. Everything here is glass ad transparency, daylight and luminous presence through the night. Between the white painted rooms (sometimes with a ceiling I find a bit too low; and easy ways to go up and down, the visitor can go out at any floor to see the environment from the open terraces. The last floor is a garden terrace looking over the city and it should suit to open a restaurant (like up the Mim in Brussels). Sightseeing Mons from there is a rather pleasant experience including the fact that the city noises seem to be largely tempered.

There were many people for the press opening by Elio di Rupo, Minister and President of Wallonia and Lord Mayor of Mons. The tradition al introduction was short and followed by an interesting visit leaded by Xavier Canonne himself who perfectly knows all the details of this part of our art history.

The paintings (a lot of them to be re-discovered) are shown next to documents and photographs, tracts and pamphlets from the past years that clearly demonstrate the strength of this movement so important for Belgium (which includes a great part of my life but this is personal).

In a short time (estimated) the Bam will re-open the permanent collection space, so is Chief Conservator Michel De Reymaeker working for with the a large staff namely mentioned in the presentation and this is rare but very sympathetic.

In the basement, an auditorium is dedicated to late Raoul Dufour who was for years an omnipresent actor of’ cultural life in Mons. To complete let us say there is more; a dyna-museum, a bookshop and all kinds of education services.


BAM - Beaux-Arts de Mons,
rue Neuve 8,
7000 Mons

Till August 19, 2007
open from 3 to 6pn, Sunday from 11am to 6pm
closed on Monday
information phone 065/ 40 53 18

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