For the 23rd time, the city of Mons organises and celebrates the love film Festival and this is around Valentine Day, no discussion about it.

Among the numerous films to be projected, one can find records or historical pieces, smiles and sorrows, all what is necessary to make a love story.

This is a welcome event at the time all information is around wars here and there and violence is in all press releases you receive and all that war game started in 1939 !

The Galerie du Dragon organises at the same moment, an exhibition around love and lovers and the artists for this year are 13 (yes 13!).

You can discover in this exhibition all the forms and tendencies of love representation you can imagine. It is classical and rather personal at the same time in the presentation of Michèle Decamps or in some drawings in delicate and fully suggested pictures of Jades who seems to protect the secrets of love.

Patrice de Schaetzen de Schaetzenhoff translates love attitude in sculpture and in strong colours but more of the=m like the secret and do not speak loud about love. To be noticed is the expressionist attitudes of Renée Nicodème who never forget love ca be a tragedy.

A splendid poster of Catherine Juge (from Toulouse, France) is a precious ad to this exhibition you have to visit at the soonest !


Galerie du Dragon,
rue d’Enghien 43,
7000 Mons
phone 065 84 62 99

From Jan 28 to Feb 17,2007
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 2 to 6 pm
Friday from 11 am to 6 pm

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