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A few years ago, I discovered a strange statue made of cell-concrete, it was in 1993 at the Avenue des Villas in Saint-Gilles.

Its name is "Obsessions" and it stands still at the same street corner.

When preparing a book about artists in Belgium I met Michel Hoppe (° 1939) the creator of the statue.He was trained in the atelier of Moeschal, which is very important, then studied pottery with Antoine De Vinck and later on with Simon du Chastel.

After dome exhibitions like the famous Parcours d’artistes in Saint-Gilles and having received an award from the City of Brussels, he went to France (Haute Provence) to a place called Peyresq where some Belgian sculptors re-built a nearly forgotten village.

Numerous students from more faculties in Belgium went there to work with the trowel on the site.

The Association Pro-Peyrescq was 50 years in 2004.

Michel Hoppe received a first prize for a sandstone monument on the spot in 1990.

He exhibited in Belgium at Helan Art, in the annual exhibition of the Square Armand Steurs then in Czekia, Poland, Hungary but quite rarely in Brussels.

I met him during the preparation of Volume 5 of “50 artists from Belgium” in 1994 and the men (and the artist) seemed to be so reserved close to excuse himself to be present.

He is now back in full light with stone sculptures, half rough, half polished with all the best qualities of marbles from Czech Republic and his sculpture express a movement in form of an ascend, something always going up to more freedom or liberty.

The cell-concrete is still present in sculptures tied up to the feminine representation so is the artist going on his own way in a permanent dialogue with the material from which he wants to express the best.


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rue de la Madeleine 45,
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phone 02 512 19 44

from 9/2 to 6/3/2007
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