Carelman (466 x 600)

It is a large exhibition very well introduced as the subject is not at all familiar to the public, Brussels is not in the same line as France regarding nonsense and humour in the art.
That is why the organisers had to explain to the visitors.

The house where to find this was once upon a time the favour gallery La Papeterie.

A gallery that discovered many artists; one of the most well known being Roberto Olivero whose sculpture during the Parcours d’artistes in Saint-Gilles 1988 generated troubles and letters of protest.

Initiator of the exhibition is Alain de Wasseige a true specialist of the cultural politics; which was never truly examined. He worked on and around the subject for year and now gives conferences about in University sphere. He asked Yak Rivais to present the exhibition. Yak Rivais is a true specialist in the context of what is called in French “black humour”.

The result is an exhibition of 40 artists going form the true colourful Clovis Trouille to the subtler Mariën.

This is a reasonable way to re-examine our cultural environment and one can find the necessary reasons to it in the works of Jacques Charlier, quite close to the Belgian situation or Brissot referring to the Flemish historic painting.

This kind of exhibition should be considered (at least) as a public utility one.


Galerie 100 titres,
2 rue Alfred Cluysenbaer,
1060 Brussels

Till March 4, 2007
Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30am to 6 pm
Sunday from 2 to 6 9pm

The exhibition will go to Maison de la Culture Tournai
and to Centre Culturel of Spa in the near future.

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