Your Health !

Your Health !


At the time the social security cover did not exist, a number of people did not read or write either. Around the years 1925/29 courses to teach people to read and write still exist.

Lot of people had no single notion of hygiene and authorities had to deal with the problem regarding to main dangers: tuberculosis, alcoholism and syphilis.

The best way to act was thus the use of posters, cards, leaflets etc.

The City of Brussels remembers the fact and shows a lot of these advertising pamphlets as foe example the inside view of a sanatorium.

Well-known artists were involved in this campaign as Felicien Rops or the Frenchman Steinlen (with a special poster addressed to the soldiers).

Do not forget the quiet Paul Delvaux. He was so impressed by the Spitzner Museum that he painted it more times. This Museum was not built for the fairground where it survived for a while but as a scientific Museum to advertise people of the dangers of syphilis and other plagues.

Alcoholism was generally considered as specifically present in the working class. Belgian Minister Henri Vandervelde fought against it all his life long He was the author of the Vandervelde law forbidding cafes around coalmines and on the workshop yard.

At the same time some artists created poster presenting the “good for life” of various liquors, namely Rassenfosse or Lievemont. Surprise !

As regards tuberculosis the movement to stop it was largely followed by authorities and schools with some nice posters as the one from Baugniet in 1922 or others from Buisseret, Pierre Paulus or Romeo Dumoulin. Each of them was completely involved in this health care campaign.

Around 1937-40 there was a poster in my classroom that was a true horror film poster and represented an alcoholic’s pancreas.
In 1949 before leaving the college to go to university all the pupils had to follow a film presentation depicting syphilis and other diseases… On that right day, in the school mess, the dish of the day was black and white pudding with apple compote… nobody had lunch.

This exhibition has to be seen at the soonest as health campaigns are still of first necessity today.


City Hall of Brussels

Until January 14, 2007
Tuesday to Saturday
from 10am to 5pm
except on public holidays.

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