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Let’s dance on the Rollebeek with Olivier Casse

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He was born in Namur, at the time a true provincial city. It was in 1969, the famous year of “the man on the moon”. Did this have some influence on him?

After some exhibitions in Europe and one in Gilbert Laloux gallery in Namur, he left the continent, the sleeping river Meuse to settle in Miami, in a multiracial ambience where the melting pot of cultures is as strong as the elements fury happening sometimes.

Being a Bachelor of the Maryland Institute College of Art he made a choice to study more about classical traditions of the 19th century. Let us say that compared to the American history 19th century is deep in the past.

Olivier Casse became then the pupil of the painter Tom Ryder and he still pretends he will be learning all his life long. Never mind in the meantime he appears in the International market.

Music is tied up to his way of art practice and this is an issue for him to be closer to the man.

He was not born at the time Ziégler published ‘The soul of peoples” which is a universal history about evolution and integration of different peoples through the music. No doubt it is purely natural for Olivier Casse to follow the same way. Going deeper and deeper into this search he realised more paintings and the result of his last investigation about men is here to show as simply as possible, a painter evolution.

Music, please!Anita NARDON

Rollebeek Gallery,
rue de Rollebeek 28,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 512 20 22

From Dec 12, 2006 to Jan 12,2007
Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7 pm.
On Saturday from 1 to 7 pm

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