Natalya Zaloznaya

Natalya Zaloznaya
Golden Landscapes

Lettre de loin - Tour de Babel

Lettre de loin - Tour de Babel

She entered the gallery rails with one canvas only in 2004 but people noticed immediately the talent of this newcomer.

Later on during Europalia-Russia, she was among the “4”, the artists I introduced at the Maison du Peuple of St Gilles and she was considered by visitors as one of the stars of the exhibition.

One of the main lines of her creation is to work on the memory and that includes her personal records as well as things related to the art history.For this second individual show she remembered huge landscapes of forests from her childhood but also some travel impressions such as how surprised she was to discover the cities built of sand, cities apparently coming out nothing and supposed to be ruins as from to-morrow.

The fifteen canvases she is now showing are made of bits and pieces plunged into oil paint of yellow full-scale hues from the sunny yellow to amber. These bits are re-mounted and so, appear to be like chessboard. These canvases are a kind of love song dedicated to earth, a golden landscape and the whole gallery is plunged into full and warm light.

For the visitor coming in, the impression is to step in an unknown country, a close area in a warm atmosphere. I personally immediately recorded an oasis in the middle of nowhere at the right moment before the nightfall, when the stars go across the sky and the daylight still lays on the top of the sand hills.

Technically at the top level, Natalya Zaloznaya was selected for the Belarus Exhibiting Stand during the biennial of Venice 2005 and all the credit is due to her talent. I would like to underline the influence of literature and above all, of poetry in her canvases.


Group2 Gallery,
rue Blanche 8,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 539 23 09

From Nov 17 to Dec 22, 2006
Wednesday to Saturday from 2 to 6 pm

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