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When he was young he had some contacts with the Occidental world and its proper way of life but he was, nevertheless, a pupil of the school of traditional calligraphy in Japan.

He was part of the group Gutai that was trying to be on line with the social realities.

This group included Yoshihara and was present mainly during the years 1951-1953 and published a magazine at the same time.

What must be underlined is that the group included women, which was unusual at the time.

Matsutani has always tried to show the surface as an important part of painting and to reveal its meaning in and around life.

The artists of Gutai as well as those of Fluxus and Dada in our countries had a large influence, working against the establishment to show the hidden face of an artistic creation.

Grant holder from the French Government, Matsutani has shown up in France,

Yugoslavia and England and he is present in the important collection of the Centre de la Gravure at La Louvière (B).

His work is mainly an open one inviting the visitor to penetrate behind the surface, which is really vibrating because of his technical important qualities.

It is important to discover his works on paper, sometimes re-mounted on canvas and enter the world that contains a mental and riche structure resulting from an encounter between East and West spheres.


Galerie Faider,
12 rue Faider,
1060 Brussels phone
02 538 71 18

From sep 14 to oct 22
Wednesday to Friday from 2 to 7 pm
Saturday from 2 to 6 pm

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