Ophira 018

She was born and studied in Israel but moved to the Belgian Congo (at the time) after her wedding with a Belgian citizen.

She lived in Kinshasa and Brazzaville and one can say there was no great change regarding the light around. After a period of intensive work over there she same back to Belgium and showed up along the rails in 1992.

At the time she just came out of mourning and the title of the exhibition was “Flora, Tropics and metamorphosis”.

She then stepped from oil painting to watercolour and developed a particular sensibility regarding nature that became the main point of her creation.

Watercolour is too often considered as an easy way to paint but is, in reality, the most difficult one.

Ophira Grosfeld started to work intensively using the technique of layers, a true challenge with watercolour. As concerns the nature she created a kind of long poem that is still going on today. In front of the particular grey’s in our area she adopted delicate hues like mauve.

A trip will wake up her sensibility to light; it is some record from Spain and her meeting with the abundant creation of Gaudi. Light came back then, brighter and warmer than ever but the white light from Flanders can appeal to her too.

Deeply convinced of the neglected value of watercolour, Ophira Grosfeld entered the International European Institute of Watercolour.
Her individual exhibitions then became exceptions and this is now the occasion to re-visit her creation: a suite of watercolour paintings full of light, sensibility and poetry.

This is a look fully marvelled at the nature we see around and that must be respected and protected.


La Petite Galerie,
rue de Livourne 1a,
1060 Brussels
phone 02 537 67 50

From 4 oct. to 5 nov, 2006
Tuesday to Saturday from 2:30 to 6:30 pm
Sunday from 11am to 1 pm

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