- between these two data is a riche period in the pictorial creation but also a sometimes-
difficult life due to historical events.

Born in Roeselare, Constant Lambrecht followed a classical training for drawing and painting and just finished school time at the moment Europe was going into a dark period.

In 1946 everything was waking up but the world changed. Encouraged by James Ensor he met in 1948, the artist was truly attracted by Paris.

He settled down there and followed the lessons of Zadkine at La Grande Chaumière. From then he will exhibit in Paris, on the French Riviera and also in New York but never forgot Belgium.

He was often present in the Apport group exhibitions of the Apollo gallery, in the Young painting competition and later in the Art Palace in Brussels (which Palace was showing Belgian artists at the time).

He followed the new tendencies but never forgot the Flemish painting historical importance.

Constant Lambrecht revealed then as a lyrical abstract painter. A master in the colour exploration who had all the possibility to develop a rather personal vision. No more things anybody can see but his own feelings about these things.

His works are full of light and reflects him as a mirror. He was a man in search of the absolute beauty in abstraction or in the way or cubism, no importance. But, anyway, why do people always try to classify art. Best would be to remain sensible in front of his paintings. That is the reason why a visit to the exhibition is a must.Anita NARDON

Group2 gallery,
rue Blanche 8,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 539 23 09

From sep 23 to oct 28, 2006
Wednesday to Saturday from 2 to 6 pm

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