De Mol A 05

Teacher in plastic arts (from the Bisschoffsheim Institute) Anne de Mol completed her training following courses in Watermael-Boitsfort.
Since a few years now she comes back regularly on the Sablon Square with her twin creation.

Canvas and sculpture are still together to demonstrate her artistic choice.
The canvases are painted in an earth dominated colour tendency.
Sienna or umber earth hue is dominating generously huge canvas in which some feminine silhouette adds movement in a kind of warm shadow.

There is some African influence in the general line and the red is present everywhere but just notice there is no red, this is pure optic illusion just like Paolo Caliari (Il Veronese) did with his special green. In front of the rather huge canvas the artist shows small sculptures oh human beings in movement.

They are in movement, executing some gymnastic figures and sometimes seem ready to fly away; Presented as normal small sculpture or hanged, the small moving people have more dynamism and show strength and tenderness at the same time. In one world they are tied up with circus performance at times.

As to complete her exhibition and express clearly, Anne De Mol shows some chalk drawings, something more classic in a gallery where quality is not always at the top.

Please do not miss her.


Alfican gallery,
Grand Sablon 2,
1000 Brussels

From 2 to 29 oct 2006
from 11am to 1 pm and from 2 to 6 pm.

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