Angeli M 02

Born in Liège in 1954, he studied in his city where he is now a regular teacher.

He owns to the group of artists pertaining to the S65 gallery and exhibits with this gallery in the biggest and the best art fairs as ArtBrussels, Basel or Cologne.

This artist dominating totally the materials and the techniques is reacting against the general tendency of pictures everywhere. He uses natural material and pigments together with wax, pollen, eggs (and this is tied up with Tuscany tradition) adding sometimes wine to the mixture.

One must say he like the full red colour range.

These results into a series of icons of this century, no representative works.
Boxes without any reference to picture, full monochrome pieces.
They have taken the exact position of the religious representations are a reference to the deep anguish of the present time.

The visitor is asked to reflect to this situation, looking into himself and his conscious or unconscious reactions and the exact place of man in the present way of living.


Its Art Ist,
8 Bruyère Saint-Jean
1410 Waterloo
tel 02 351 35 53

From 1 to 29 oct, 2006.
Saturday from 3:30 to 6:30 pm, Sunday from 10am to 1pm

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