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The surrealism invaded art in southern Belgium, it was very important in France but not really influencing Flanders, Germany or Italy. What to say about Portugal then ?

Carlos Dugos was born in 1942 in Portugal but left Lisbon in 1958 to live in Lourenço Marques (Mozambique).

He then travelled intensively, made a stay in Zurich and another in Madrid to finally turn back to Portugal in 1977.

He was bringing back all intellectual discoveries he made, all the mysteries he discovered when trying to penetrate the secrets of myths and legends.

Still in search of the unveiled mysteries of life he went off again in 1985, travelling through Europe and (I suppose) met the heritage of Magritte but his palette and inspiration are and still remain typical of Southern Europe.

Next to his canvas he realised panels for the headquarters of Igaphe in Lisbon and some of his works were generously distributed as lithographs and silk-screen printings. In the meantime he gave a lot of lectures about art and alchemy.

In the present exhibition the female silhouettes are of light and shadow, the background shows night against daylight in strange or disturbing landscapes.

In fact Eros is still fighting against Thanatos in some canvas showing elements taken out of architecture representation, a small reference to de Chirico but a de Chirico who should have lived on the Atlantic coast in the south of Europe.


Portugal Embassy,
avenue de la Toison d’or 55,
1060 Brussels

From 26 oct to 10 nov 2006
Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 1 pm and from 2 to 4pm

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