Sylvain Loisant

Sylvain Loisant

You cannot enter the vision directly because all the paintings seem to be veiled and part of their presence results in a kind of mystery.

Talent full drawer, Loisant is adding one thing to another suggesting a personal look at the world.

Maybe you will discover fruits and flowers in the painting because there is anyway a solid touch of sensuality all around the pictorial story he tells.

Self-trained painter he had to work a lot just to realise what a student artist can accomplish in some school years.

Self-training means double work, tenacity but helps to reach a high level when the artist can overcome all the traps along the way.

Born in 1954, Loisant started to paint at the age of ten and with the help of his grandfather he has grown up a true painter.

He studied in various ateliers and also with the books, he took part to long conversations with other painters always to discover something.

Now he is teaching and still learns important points with his pupils.

This is generally the case but some painters do not admit and pretend to be the best at the first contact with the rails.

Now able to extend his pictorial domain, Loisant realises mosaic works and integration of large canvas into natural environment.

Based on wisdom, his research goes in the sense of a better quiet world for everybody and this results in pictures of villages rolling up and down in the sky, a kind of re-modelling the world to introduce more happiness and peace all over; It is a dream world and a mysterious one at the same time as Loisant is not only a painter working in the material area.

He just came from France to exhibit on the Sablon as to show us how fantasy world is part of our life and dream is a necessity.


Rollebeek gallery,
rue de Rollebeek 28,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 512 20 22

until July 30-2006
Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm
Closed on Monday and Saturday am

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