Jean-Pierre Lorand

Jean-Pierre Lorand

When he comes back you can say it is Summer time.

The paintings he presents generally tell stories about Greece, villages in white and blue, holidays and the sun and the sea in a quiet atmosphere that remembers the before lunch drink under the trees with a guitar player not too far.

Sometimes the painter turns up to Belgian holidays and the Belgian coast with the North sea and children everywhere.

Children in sailor suit really are the preferred ones.

Why in sailor suit ? May be Lorand had to wear such a suit when he was a little boy.

Is it necessary to question about?
And to record the olden days ice cream street traders or musicians are present on the embankment. In this soft painting made of light and joyful colour you do not need to be in search of some philosophy.

It is just pleasant painting bringing you sun and fun, no scientific research on the expression today.

A few years ago cats where often the stars of Lorand’s painting, they are now totally out leaving all the space to children.

This exhibition is like a book of poetry, if you open it, you want to read everything and enjoy peace around.

This is no naïve art, just a visual poem with no other aim that to bring you something like happiness at the right moment the world is more and more violent and if you do not want to rest from wars everywhere, go back to information in the papers or rush to the next cinema to see an horror film because in that case the tenderness and the peaceful dream of Jean-Pierre Lorand is not for you.


Galerie d’Haudrecy,
Zeedijk 779
8300 Knokke-Zoute
phone 050 50 60 90 21

From July 22 to August 20, 2006
Friday to Monday from 11am to 1pm and from 2:30 to 6pm

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how much it would cost me this paint?

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