The way proposed by Septentrion is no tourist walk and contains no folklore elements.

It is simply the best way to discover numerous fortified towns from Gravelines (France) to Maastricht (Holland) going through Bergues Aire-sur-la-Lys, Le Quesnoy and Brussels, numerous fortified cities that were the important points of development of the country around.

This is illustrated with pictures from Ali Asçi and Xavier Claes.

They are completely different in the way they communicate with the various places they took in the picture.

You will discover the historical past of the Istanbul walls dating from 5th century and that were still a military point over 1900.

The walls of Brussels dating from 13th and 14th century often changed profile along the years.

They are now to be restored as was the famous Porte de Hal and now it will be the Anneessens and Villers towers to be restored.

The exhibition shows great moments and importance of the fortified towns that became sustainable cities.

The two photographers have taken shots of their respective city as a portrait of a beloved and this is why the whole is so sensible and has to be discovered.


Porte de Hal,
boulevard du Midi,
1000 Brussels

from May 19 to July 30, 2006
from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 am yo 6pm
Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5 pm

© Ali Axçi and Xavier Claes.

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