At the power station

At the power station

You can find all what you want in Brussels, except contemporary art…
This was exact, it changed.

The City of Brussels has now a European Centre for Contemporary Art.

As it is done generally in this case the building has been re-built to become a Museum.

In Antwerp it is a silo, in Ghent a flower-show hall, in Grand Hornu an industrial area that included a coal pit, it is different for the Capital of Europe it is a former power station that changed into an Art Centre.

Under high ceilings (really high) and between whitewashed rough walls, one can discover all the different tendencies of Art made in our days.

You can find polystyrene horses, from Gavoty, photography, silhouettes and sculptures of various animals because the exhibition is called ZOO.

I must say I have a preference for the boxer-cat from Séchas but I also do like the special vision of Africa from Charlemagne Palestine.

In front of him there is a gorgeous piece from Jan Fabre, just remember he created evening dresses made of scarabs.

Then comes the last judgement crocodile from Johan Muyle and big and nice animal pictures from Burkhard.

Two red tall poodles from William Sweetlove seem to be there as the grooms to open the doors and to lead you to the video projection of Marie-José Burki.

In the big room you will remember the Flanders Fields with the dead horses of Berlinde De Bruycker who remembers the dark years of 1914-1918.

There is more peace in the photographs of Karen Knorr but anyway some mystery still appear.

William Wegman still shows a lot of tenderness towards his star-dog.

I should give a special mention to Bogna Burska for some photos called Arachne, but be careful if you are sensible to the spiders.

A solid team had to work hard for this opening, under leading of Pascale Salesse.

The art direction is the job of Françoise Dumont (former responsible of Centre d’Art Contemporain in Avenue des Nerviens).

Now everything is ready to go on and develop the idea of First deputy mayor Henri Simons who “had a dream”.

It is now going on : preparing exhibitions to give a larger panorama of art in Brussels, a panorama largely extended to the contemporary creation, the one we live in.


Place Ste Catherine 44,
1000 Brussels

Until October 8, 2006.
Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 6 pm
Thursday till 8pm


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