Michel Degand & Silviane Léger

Michel Degand & Silviane Léger

Michel Degand (Loos-lez-Lille ° 1934) created tapestry designs but he has always been active in various artistic directions.

He exhibited in various cities in France but in 2004 in the Belgian city of Mouscron he showed a retrospective that clearly demonstrate how many times he was questioning about his art.

He now presents some views looking like microcosm, the kind of studies about forms and colours.

These are rather strong and demonstrate at the same time a true serenity.

His exhibition shows a permanent evolution in te painting and contains a message of hop.

Silviane Léger is a sculptor constantly interested in the destiny of men.

She is coming from the North of France (like Michel Degand) and she is aware of the life conditions of people around her.

Her work is not presenting any seduction point, she does not want to do something pleasant, she delivers a message.

These bronze sculptures are close to emotional and spiritual feelings of the visitor because they reveal a lot of love for everybody.

This expressionist sculpture was already exhibited from North to South of France and from Mouscron to the Belgian coast. The fact is that she always creates with enthusiasm.


Galerie Emeraude,
49 rue de Paris
F 62520 Le Touquet

Friday to Monday
from 10:30 am to 1pm and from 3 to 7pm
from April 15 to June 13, 2006.

une oeuvre récente
Silviane Léger

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