Ward Lernout

Ward Lernout

Members of the association of the Friends of the Tervuren School organise a retrospective of the works of Ward Lernout to celebrate his 75th birthday.

Frans Boenders, a Member of the Royal Academy wrote the text of the catalogue covering the years 1997 to 2005.

This catalogue follows the monograph published in 1996 by Anita Nardon and late Remi De Cnodder.

Born in Geluwe (West Flanders), Ward Lernout was trained in the Art School of Menen and later at the St Lucas Institute (In the Palaces street) of Brussels, which is one of the most prestigious schools for art.

After a stay in the Belgian Congo (at the time), he worked for advertising and publishing but was already along the rails as from 1959.

Laureate of the public votes during the first edition of Art Meets Management in 1955 he decided to be totally devoted to painting as from 1990.

The general aspect of his works is going from the white light of Flanders to the red light of Brabant; a lot of pictures are coming out in a nice mix-up suggesting clearly a whole world around him. Human characters are physically strong.

Nothing here that evokes some hard way of living, life is a joyful thing coming out of any picture and out of any brushing on the canvas and this is true for the feminine charm as well as the representation of men playing music.

At the moment rain is coming and pouring down on the country or the cities, it is so strongly painted one can imagine the canvas is wet.

Ward Lernout’s painting is a hymn to the earth and contains a true pleasure in the way of painting. He is fond of colours and this appears clearly all along the rails here, that is why it is a true celebration.


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