Patrice de Schaetzen

Patrice de Schaetzen

As he travelled intensively, he took some notes and prepared something for some day, just keeping things in mind and organising the future.

He was just in a mood to become a serial killer except that he pertains to the upper class where Ladies First is something important.

The knight Patrice de Schaetzen de Schaetzenhoff was born in Uccle in 1949 and was devoted to Ladies and so, he considered them as the aim of his artistic development.

He just needed a small push to add various materials and mix-up the tendencies in a very personal line of sculpture.

There is no intellectual research but something personal adding pleasure to the physical work of the sculptor. He is now presenting his fiancées, engaged with a lot of women at the same time he diversifies the aspects.

In a large choice of attitudes these ladies represent models of elegance or rather common women, depending on the state of mind of the artist.

Some of them wear a kind of lamp on the head; other ones are playing; riding bicycles etc...

A bit out of the general lines in sculpture, the girls are as invited stars in an evening happening.

Some of the girls should have been member of The Factory of late Andy Warhol or admitted into the club of the blue girls from Labisse.

There is an influence of Pol Bury in sculpture but also some points of the spirit of Woody Allen, I said it and I maintain.

The British sculpture is full of humour from Richard Deacon to Bill Woodrow; the Latin side of this art is generally more serious (really ?)

The whole exhibition seems evokes the happy years of Charleston and modernism when the dance floor was the daily reality and the show went on …

In the present dark years of money losing value, petroleum crisis etc... the exhibition of Patrice de Schaetzen is like a breath at the seaside after months and months in the city.

It is no solution to the problems but it helps!


rue Lebeau 18,
1000 Brussels
phone 0475 28 54 05

From May 6 to May 28 2006
Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 8 pm
on 11 and 12 May to 8 pm
becauses of the Antique dealers spring days

Patrice de Schaetzen
"Hureey !"

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???which one ? Crazy... I read with much interest your critics about the artists you present here : as always, very poetic and sometimes with a bit of humor you're an artist of your kind, very special !

Écrit par : lemaire | 19/05/2006

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