Louis Collet

Louis Collet

He is completely involved in painting but many people always think about him as an engraver because he develops engraving and painting at the same time.

Born in Jette (1930) he studied at the Art School of Molenbeek for engraving but was at the same time trained as a painter by Counhaye who was a true master in the discipline.

He exhibited his canvas since 1957 buy is better known as an engraver invited by the Royal Library of Belgium, the National Library of France and the City Museum of Ostend but the painting was always going on and on. He had many exhibitions in which the colour was absolutely dominating.

The colour spots were the limits of the landscapes and marked the sketch of the non-apparent picture.

Familiar spots in the Westhoek came out of his palette in a joyful fan of colours tied up with the seasons coming and going.

Louis Collet is back with a more concentrated vision, something pleasant but never a weak vision of reality.

He just needs to wipe the surface with the brush to suggest low tide or (with deep colour) the sky and the sea after a thunderstorm.

This special vision is tied up with a nice poem from Marcel Hennart who recently disappeared.

In the new series we can find some pictures of the domestic life, it is just a suggestion, a few lines taken out of a rich palette, showing familiar objects.

A kind of medieval chanson de geste, a poem to glorify life and nature, something everyone looks at with respect.


Galerie Albert Ier,
rue de la Madeleine 45,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 512 19 44

from April 28 to May 17

Tuesday to Saturday from 1 to 7pm
Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm.

Louis Collet
La cocote, 2005

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