Harry Holland

Harry Holland

He was born in Glasgow in 1941 and studied in the famous St Martin’s School of Art.

Years ago he became one of ours because his painting is tied up with the silence of the low lands, a kind of silence that is strength at the same time.

In the recent series of canvas called “encounters” there is nothing on the walls, they are like the human characters: nudes including those who bear clothes.

Men and women appear, black or white ones, just passing by without a noise.

Sometimes it is like a snapshot taken when forbidden. It shows the image of somebody who is not looking at you and goes on his own way.

When the model is seen in the face, the eyes look into yours but there is still some distance between the model and the visitor.

Some actions are represented in darken colours and you rarely will discover some spot of bright colour.

All the movements are slow and discreet it is like a slow down film, no hurry, and no violence.

His painting is like a long meditation; something that helps to keep a certain distance with true life and creates a barrier between you and the canvas.

Some years ago, Harry Holland painted objects like carton boxes but he was soon backing to the representation of human bodies.

In the picture he creates of these people around you can discover a lot of feelings expressed without any movement, just a spot of light enhances the facts the painter wants to tell you.

Everything is significant: the sun on an arm, the position of a hand, the shadow appearing in the background.

In fact, this exhibition is a moment of calm you will appreciate in the struggle for life we are now living in.


Mineta contemporary,
rue des Minimes 32,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 512 22 26

FROM April 12 to May 27,
Wednesday to Saturday from 2 to 6 pm

Harry Holland
the cry

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