Joseph Beuys, a commemoration

Joseph Beuys – a commemoration

une oeuvre de Joseph BEUYS

“The healing powers of art” is the main line of the exhibition Prof Murken organised to remember Joseph Beuys.

Born in 1921, he was the most significant artist in the after World War II in Germany.

All his artistic life directly emanated from his terrible personal experience.

At the age of 20, he was shut down in the net of violence and sent to the front line as a certified pilot.

His bomber was shattered and he remained wounded somewhere in the USSR and was cured by peasants.

He was back in Germany in 1946 but never forgot the way he was cured with felt and grease, what he later used in his art.

Suffering from nervous breakdown he was cured in Hospital many times and left a lot of notes, sketches and personal appreciation.

Prof Murken kept all these messages and now is presenting them telling us a true human adventure, a drama and a reason for hope at the same time.

Beuys died 20 years ago and this is to remember who he was and what he left in the art history because he changed the way to study and follow this history.

Based on the healing powers of art, this event, thanks to Prof. Murken is made of a lot of sketches, objects and notes taken daily, just to bear in mind the record of Joseph Beuys.


Museum Kunst Palast,
Ehrenhof 4-5,
D 40476 Düsseldorf
tel 02 512 19 44

20/1/2006 - 19/3/2006
from 11am to 8 pm except on Monday.

Same exhibition will be on display at Museum Wiesbaden from October 2006 to February 2007

une oeuvre de Joseph BEUYS

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