Annik Le Page

une oeuvre récente


Annik Le Page

It is not the first time we have the opportunity to see the works of this French artist (born 1943) and it is always nice to visit her exhibition.

Portraits of women are the only inspiration for her.

Scenario writer for television during 15 years, she is trained to catching the personality of somebody just passing by.

The way of painting is strong as she uses oil painting mixed up with mortar (which is a common material in building.

She had an exclusive possibility to work with Waltraud Solonet; the last pupil of Kokoschka and this is maybe the reason why she is looking for solid material as well as inspiration.

She associates the nice ladies with beasts, which is going in the sense of the to-day tendencies.

The women Annik Le Page represents demonstrate a lot of seduction, very feminine attitudes but do not seem ready to use these major advantages to dominate other people.

They appear in full-face portraits, frankly determinate to act but more than that they are at the same time proud and manageable : "just women".


Galerie Albert Ier,
rue de la Madelene 45,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 512 19 44

From March 3 to 26, 2006
Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 7 pm
Sunday from 11am to 1 pm

une oeuvre récente de
Annik Le Page

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