Robert Brandy

une oeuvre récente


Robert Brandy

Since years and years he is crazy about nature as well as about painting and as he was in search of larger space he left Luxemburg where he was born in 1946, but came back.

At the time he jumped to Aix en Provence; Cézanne’s country, because he is fond of the French painter, he studied there but never painted like Cézanne.

Anyway he never did like anybody.

He likes to paint great outer space where the wind seems to act just to break down any wrong human building.

With huge canvas, huge papers, glue, pigments, you can do all what you will, just need talent and physical work.

Brandy works hard at early morning leaving the last choice to the exact time needed.

He is also a high speed passionate and likes to remodel old cars but he never put any car in his canvas.

He painted about “prevention” and says “time is not waiting” and you can immediately realise he is going to create something else In bitter colours, and rather personal ones, he opens the space of the canvas taking the visitor by hand to go into some place without limit.

He presents a world in permanent progress and does not see this as a tragedy.

Life is there and when the artist knows to–morrow will not be a enjoyable day he says it on different modes of expression and there is always a favourable one.

Just go through this atmosphere in which life and space vibrate, a free natural space of life, the one he is painting since more than thirty years.


Galerie 2016,
rue des Pierres 16,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 502 81 16

From Feb 16 to March 26, 2006
Thursday to Sunday from 1 to 6:30 pm

une oeuvre récente de

Robert Brandy

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