Antonio Carmo

une oeuvre récente


Antonio CARMO

He came for the first time in Brussels in May 1986 and the art collector immediately realised this was not an ordinary expression but something else.

Oil painting, serigraphy, gouaches came out successively and along the various exhibitions the style changed from the first tendency more social oriented to join a nervous and general movement, generally of high density with musical and tenderness background.

In his paintings, Carmo looks life in the face and he shows the kind of whirlwind that carries everything away.

Women’s hair uncoils because of the dancing rhythm.

Pairs appear that are deep in a dream of tenderness and in the middle of this happy time some details are giving surprising information.

One or two small spots in each canvas situate the scene.

There is a hand ready to shake yours, a village and its church, a cat whose eyes are full of wisdom compared to the human company he is looking at.

Dark or marine blues are invading the canvas ad some orange yellow or red in all its various hues are enhancing the expression of the blue Expressive painting of life in all its possibilities.

The work of Carmo proves his necessity to paint and more than that, his total happiness when painting.

In fact there is only one definition of Carmo’s work To live in painting or Painting to live.


Galerie Albert Ier,
rue de la Madelene 45,
1000 Brussels
phone 02 512 19 44

From 24 March to 13 April 2006
Tuesday to Saturday from 1 to 7 pm
Sunday from 11am to 1 pm

une oeuvre récente de

Antonio CARMO

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