WORKS FOR FOUR - From Nov 10, 2005 to Jan 8, 2006


une oeuvre récente
de Georges BRU

Animal bavant
16 x 26 cm

The gallery d’YS is closing the year with works on paper from two artists that were not present in Brussels for a long time and who exhibit here with two others already seen in the gallery with success.

Gerard Alary (°1945) exhibited in Brussels some years ago but did not come back since then.

His drawings are coming out of the deepest layers of the memory.

Free from all the past pictorial tradition he explores our century with a kind of rage to discover some hope.

Georges Bru (°1933) creates trouble when showing his drawings.

They seem to come out of shadow and that is like a baroque reality a bit frightening because they are in the night mood and immobility.

There is some Freudian mystery acting like a temptation to go into danger.

Besides them two artists recently seen show their works.
Moris Gontard, a colour lover, coming from Provence through Brittany. As seen in 2004 with dancing figures he underlines clearly the difference between his perception and his rail neighbour ones.

Then come Andreas Grunert an all-over the world artist telling the joyful moments he had in discovering various countries.

Life, for him, is going on in a world full of technology but place is still open for men and their destiny.

This is a nice four styles exhibition to celebrate the power of paper works generally neglected by visitors and art lovers as well.


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