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Congo Gallery is not offering a common exhibition of primitive art, the subject is different each time and with one only target which is easier for the critic who does not goes very often to the tribal art exhibition.

Last time the subject was the snake and this time the whole presentation in about pipes and the art of smoking in Africa and it was not always tobacco smoking.

It seems the central part of the continent was smoking early if the course of its history and that the water pipe was also present, maybe coming from Persian empire through the Arab invasion.

But the various objects are really precious sources of information as regards the symbols of the various clans.

Pipes made of coloured clay, with anthropomorphic forms, pipes for private use or as diplomacy presents, they are like an evidence of the exchanges between the various peoples around.

One can establish that before the arrival of European people it was already in use to smoke and not only to smoke but also to chew tobacco or to take a snuff together.

The objects presented here are daily used ones as well as wedding present offered by the fiancé to the men of his future in-laws or the elements of a kind of cure by a breath of tobacco in the face of the suffering one.

This is another way to consider human relations among the Kongo peoples and their neighbours. .

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