KARL WALDMANN --> du 12/11/2005 au 28/1/2006


une oeuvre récente
de la série


He is among those artists who left suddenly but are still present with their works and in this case it is an abundant and significant one.

Born in Dresden around the year 1890, he disappeared in a concentration camp around 1958 somewhere in the Soviet Union.

His family considered he was mad, completely mad and dangerously critic as regards politics and the general life in his country.

His expression was not related to the speech or revolution acts but just a pair of scissors, glue and paper to practise the difficult art of collage.

In this kind of art he was a master and probably a precursor.

His name has been currently associated to Haussmann but I find personally a lot of corresponding points with Kurt Schwitters.

Women are playing an important part in his collage but they are tied up with restricting objects.

They are seen here as the persons who are going ahead with the revolution banner.

The works of Waldmann are about cinema, theatre, political matters of his time and one can say thanks to Pascal Polar who shows this artist for the second time.

Anyway, we shall never know who exactly was Karl Waldmann, maybe an ordinary citizen not at all remarkable, somebody as discreet and anonymous as was Fernando Pessoa.

All the pieces he left and we have here by a kind of miracle revealed a troubled period of history and at the same time they are works of top quality.


Galerie Pascal Polar,
chaussée de Charleroi 108,
1060 Brussels

From Nov 12,2005 to Jan 28,2006
from Wednesday to Saturday from 2 to 7 pm

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