Françoise CALONNE - du 17/1/2006 au 11/2/2006

Françoise Calonne

une oeuvre récente

Françoise Calonne

The original ideas and positions of Beuys regarding art created a shock and influenced Françoise Calonne in her artistic choices.

Born in 1947, she followed the courses at the Rhok and also in the famous school called “the 75” which is a school mainly based on picture interpretation.

She has chosen to look at the world differently taking the rhythm of time into consideration as well as the structure of what is visible or not.

Doing so she had another perception of things around consequently to contacts with people who are different from the common.

It is when working together with people suffering from mental illness that she established the bases on which she built up her actual realisations.

The time is an element of the new series of paintings where forms are issuing from nothing and go back to nothing in a kind of performance, like a dance in the open space.

One can understand here all the influence of the video work done by the artist and this is evident in the picture sequences coming up and going out like a cinema film.

This painting is asking questions and accompanies the art lover all along his visit. This is the reason why you have to discover Françoise Calonne at the soonest.


Galerie ABC,
rue Lebeau 53,
1000 Brussels

From Jan 17 to Feb 11
Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30 to 12:30 am
and from 2:30 to 6:30 pm.

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