CORINNE LECOT - du 12/1/2006 au 11/2/2006


une oeuvre récente

Corinne Lecot
de la série

She already exhibited her works here and there and it is always a surprise to discover her dry pastel works on wood because the result is quite near cinema picture, a large view without any detail.

As Walk n°3, the Passengers or the Mirages, people always find the same human silhouettes, isolated on a light colour background or couples, apparently lovers kissing in these no-landscapes places.

The people represented in her works seem to need contact with the visitor.

She is of French nationality living in Brussels she has fallen in love with this city not at all a big one but full of surprises at every street corner.

With some photographic background she brings back the lonely walker in the familiar places of the city but it seems so far, with a light atmosphere that has nothing to do with reality. And what about it ?

Is is always the same picture coming back again and again ? Somebody said once an artist is always painting the same canvas…

Why not ? In the works of Corinne Lecot, the happy moments just pass by; the human presence is so fluid the visitor may doubt it is there.

One can follow her pictures since year like a familiar TV suite with normal everyday people one can always recognise and they create a desire to know more and more of their history.


Galerie Libre Cours,
rue de Stassart 11,
1050 Brussels
phone 0473 590 285

From Jan 12 to Feb 11, 2006
Thursday to Saturday from 2 :30 to 6 :30 pm

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