ARSENE DETRY - du 8/1/2006 au 5/2/2006

ARSENE DETRY (1897-1981)

© a. Detry

In 1983, the gallery Albert Ier paid an homage to Arsène Detry during the December group show Itineraires and I noted this sentence from the late painter to Yves Vasseur : “I finally was ale to paint as I always wanted to do and that was just before the war in 1940, I was 43”.

The artist was quite modest and I pointed this out mainly in front of the young artists who all think they are genius at 20.

Arsène Detry has a knocked over childhood, the family was in perpetual move, the father was violent and between Paris (Montmartre) and the Borinage he tried to find some peace in painting.

He came back to the Borinage and founded more stability in 1914 and started to paint pictures that are now some kind of witnesses of the past.

Awarded by Prix Montald in 1919, he went back to Paris as to follow the atelier of La Grande Chaumière but always kept his own style and personality.

When back to Belgium in 1928 he received the prize of the city of Mons during an exhibition in the Salle Saint-Georges and as from that date he became a painter and just lived for his art.

He represented typical coalmines sites, the famous wheel frames, the streets of the mining villages and the poor gardens on washing day.

Far from the lyrical ways of painting from Paulus (another painter of the mining places) he was telling the truth in sober colour just like telling people this land was going down and sinking.

He lived in a quite isolated way just at the time another group from Mons; the famous Nervia was celebrating life in full colour.

Awarded, celebrated he was close to his friend’s painter and to his pupils. Just a few years after he received the Alexandre André prize 1968, he retired completely.

It was in 1972 and he had no more inspiration and no more strength to go on and on painting.

He finally has given his life for painting and this is why this exhibition has to be seen at the soonest.

Anita NARDON - Nov 2005

Salle Saint-Georges,
Grand’ Place
at Mons
phone 02 512 19 44

From Jan 8 to Feb 5, 2006
Tuesday to Saturday

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