MICHAEL KRAVAGNA - du 13/1/2006 au 12/2/2006


une oeuvre récente


When he came out in the Cultural Centre Jacques Franck in 1993, Michael Kravagna (1962) was a true addict of the colour and he exhibited his most personal emotions at the time.

His paintings where true emotional moments of his life, the paintings where like Opus are for music, built in sequences.

He was then presented regularly by Ruben Forni (one of our best gallery holders at the time) and his evolution was rather quick, going to a quieter mode of expression.

When he exhibited at Orion in 2001, things changed, a new century was just going on and the artist also changed.

Paintings on wood or canvas became long and rich moments deep in though.

He was for sure in search of the right hue to assist the dominating colour to come out and give each painting its identity.

Coming from Austria to St Severin in the region of Liege, the artist was apparently influenced by our low and generally grey sky where no mountain gives a sense of vertical line.In the new paintings hesitation comes up and one can feel the artist is trying to find the exact representation of the colour evolution and the strength of it.

The visitor can think about some material at first time but which one ?

It could be textile or cloth as well as biological tissue.

Everything is possible and it is not forbidden to dream or think about because life is present and everybody can read it in any bit of painting by Michael Kravagna.


Galerie Faider,
rue Faider 12,
1060 Brussels
tel 02 538 71 18

From Jan 13 to Feb 12, 2006
Wednesday to Friday from 2 to 7 pm
Saturday from 2 to 6 pm

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Website Michael Kravagna: www.kravagna.com

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